Welcome to the website of Canada Bit2H2 Corporation (previously known as Canada Prosperity Pipelines Corporation (CPPC)). In 2021 we changed our name to be reflective of our expanded vision and strategy supporting Net-Zero-Emissions towards 2050, reducing Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions, and through other related infrastructure developments, make a substantial contribution to the wellbeing of all Canadians into the 22nd century and beyond.

CPPC was created in 2019 as a call to build a west-to-east bitumen pipeline as a greenfields project.  We have changed the thinking and strategy to develop the building and construction of a hydrogen pipeline. We did so to make a more meaningful contribution to the long-term energy security of Canada in a society that is transitioning energy to less emissions-intense energy sources, and to develop infrastructure that will support the shipment of hydrogen.

In 2020 we started with developing the engineering on route refinement. We have identified a number of route options that is supportive of national corridor developments. We have established an associated company, Canada ProsperUnity Corporation of which aim is to capitalize on all the substantial empowerment opportunities and other related infrastructure development that will power Canada into the 22nd century and beyond, which will eventually stem from corridor developments.

We aim to create true Canadian Indigenous Empowerment & Reconciliation, Energy Security and Independence for Canada, and Prosperity for all Canadians.

Our project is supported by important Pillars of which, Community Upliftment, true Indigenous Economic Empowerment, and Financial feasibility are key aspects of our future success. Our values underpin this outlook, vision, and aspiration for creating new levels of expectations for future large-scale infrastructure projects in Canada.

It’s a bold vision. In current times we need to be bold. Akin to the 1960s when JF Kenedy committed to putting a man on the moon but not having had all the answers yet. That dream came true when in 1969 the first people landed on the moon. Our ambitions strike a similar cord in building Canada, in placing Canada first and in placing Canada on the world stage when it comes to Hydrogen transportation via pipeline infrastructure. We literally are taking the traditional negative connotation attached to the word “pipeline” and convert it to having a different and new meaning equipped to support the Canadian dreams of a greener economy.