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Green House Gas Emissions Impacts

We are developing key strategies leveraging a combination and mix of different Renewable Energy (RE) sources and initiatives. It is likely and probable to meet Bill-C12, Green House Gas Emissions (GHG) reductions to aim to get to net-zero by 2050. The CP3 Project is growing into a far more extensive and more significant opportunity for Canada that extends beyond fossil fuels only. It is to develop-, construct-, build- and operate a new West-to-East Canadian crude oil pipeline for Canadians by Canadians in a climate-responsible manner. We embrace the concept of energy transition while carefully considering energy security and the continued support of the Canadian economy. We believe, because we are taking a different approach towards pipelines, we will succeed in striking a responsible balance that supports Canada’s path on GHG emissions reduction. It is a project with a Purpose that includes helping to pave the way for the energy transition in Canada, that helps to create Energy Security, and combining that with Indigenous Reconciliation and upliftment & Environmental Empowerment.

Please note that our projections of future likely GHG emissions are subject to changes stemming from our ongoing work developing and refining our Climate Transition strategies. Your attention is specifically drawn to our disclaimer about future statements, forecasts, projections, and forward-looking information. The information below only reflects on direct emissions stemming from operating a pipeline of this nature. It does not yet include emissions that may originate from areas that pose limitations in constructing new and additional electrical grid infrastructure. The refinement of our path to achieve net-zero GHG emissions by 2050 is further subject to engineering refinement and further consultations. The below is strictly indicative (emphasis added) and should be read and used in that context. It’s indicative of strategies that are still being refined.