Economic Benefits

We are currently finalizing, for publishing, the key Economic Benefits for Canada stemming from the CP3 Project to develop-, construct-, build- and operate a new West-to-East Canadian crude oil pipeline for Canadians by Canadians. A pipeline that is vastly different in all aspects. A pipeline with Purpose, help to create additional crude oil export opportunities, and more importantly, help to secure Energy Security for the future of Canada and all Canadians.

Please note the following:

  • All values are in $ Billion unless indicated otherwise;
  • All financial information is reflected in Present Value dollar-terms for both Construction and Operational dollar values; and
  • All financial values are in Canadian dollars ($)
  • Disclaimer about future statements, forecasts, projections and forward-looking information




Supporting data sources:

The following sources were used as guidelines to compile and calculate projections and estimates
Keystone XL Project information on direct and indirect Economic Benefits
Trans Mountain Pipeline Information on direct and indirect Economic Benefits
Former Energy East Pipeline Project on direct and indirect Economic Benefits
Statistics Canada:
Canada Revenue Agency